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Since 1989 The Den has hosted visitors from all over the world. From its location in the reserve forest land this relaxed Corbett luxury resort is known not just for its jungle experience but for opening up the wider region in bespoke itineraries. The resort is concealed in thick mango grove garden that offers you and the jungle native animals hang ripe and luscious mangoes of various kinds in season.

We can orchestrate customized walking and biking adventures from the resort; arrange some soul-nourishing relaxation at our spa Retreat; plan private dinners in secluded locations; arrange yoga & meditation; and create fun-filled excursions for individuals and families.

A stay at The Den is about immersing yourself in the richly textured culture of the native area while enjoying the luxuries of resort.

With our river Kosi Valley location, you can easily access the highlights of the jungle, from the visit to the village Kumeria to a morning spent trekking and discovering jungle streams.

We also arrange trips to Ranikhet and Nainital.